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Pik-A-Dilly RV Centre – September Newsletter

Intro – Ryan Main – General Manager

Wow……school is back in and the combines are running in the fields already!!

While there may be no/less kids running around your house on weekdays, that doesn’t mean that the camping season is over. We’re anticipating a lengthy fall camping season in 2014 and we’ve got some mega deals to pass along to you for a new or new to you RV.

It’s not the best kept secret that an RV dealership in Winnipeg has gone bankrupt and as a result, and similar to the event we held in 2011, Pik-A-Dilly RV scooped up a select number of pieces from the manufacturer’s buy-back and have we got some deals to pass your way. Nineteen (19) pieces in total have been purchased at extensive discounts and we’re eager to pass them along to you. In fact, some of you have already made your deals on these units and benefitted from the savings!! You won’t want to miss out on these deals, so call or stop in today. Even if the trailer or floor plan you like hasn’t arrived yet, we can still make a deal subject to it arriving. All of the trailers should be in Brandon, on our yard, by the end of next week.

Speaking of next week, the manufacturer’s Open House Expo is in the final planning stages for the 2014 season. David and I will be headed down to Indiana again this fall to negotiate the best deals possible to pass along to you for the 2015 season. With that in mind, it’s time to clear out the yard of all in-stock inventory. Prices have been reduced and manufacturer’s have extended some incentive discounts to us to make more room on our lot so we can buy more at the Open House. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your current RV or purchasing a new one outright, the deals are a plenty right now at Pik-A-Dilly RV Centre. Call, email, or stop in today. No reasonable offer will be refused. We need your trade -ins. Financing is available on the spot OAC, and there is still plenty of camping season left for you to take advantage of.

A quick update from the service counter…..Heather tells me that she has been receiving MPI and SGI autopac/insurance claims almost daily, so if you’ve got a fix-up job that you’d like looked after this off-season, don’t wait, get your repair work booked today. We can and will book as far down the road as you would like. Plus, it will give us plenty of lead-time to get the manufacturer-specific parts ordered so they’re ready when you are for the repair work to be completed. Call the service department today to make your arrangements at (204)728-2015.

One last detail to pass along, we have decided that we will adjust our email newsletter mail out to occur approximately quarterly throughout the year. That means you’ll hear from us roughly once every three months, unless we have a special offer or sale notice to pass your way. We feel this will prevent the newsletter from getting stale and repetitive as the years go on.

As always, if you would like to make a suggestion for the newsletter, or have a question/concern/comment for any of our staff, please email me directly at rmain@pikadilly.com, or give us a call at (204)728-8570 or toll free at 1-877-728-8570. It’s always a pleasure to hear from one of our friends!!


Newsletter Subscription Update

We printed this in the last newsletter, but it bears repeating, if you haven’t heard or been bombarded with emails from companies who you receive regular email from, we will need authorization as per the “CASL” (anti-spamming) laws to continue having you receive our newsletter. You will find the link below to click to continue receiving our newsletters, recall notices, and valuable coupon offers.

Ion 230BH

Rest assured that you’ll only have to click this link once to remain on our mailing list going forward, however, you may receive the notice more than once. Again, if you have already clicked on this link, there is no need to do so again.

Please understand that we are doing this as letter of the law, and would prefer to just have our monthly email come to you without any of this hassle. We will continue to only reach out when there is a special event, recall notice, or monthly newsletter to bring to your attention.


Recipe of the Month

This month instead of a ‘recipe of the month’ we have included some tips and tricks for cooking in foil packets, enjoy!

Foil Packet Cooking Tips

Use heavy duty foil. You don’t want the foil to rip and have ashes get in and your dinner leak out. If you use regular foil, double up on the sheets. If your food is heavy, and/or if you plan to eat directly from the pack, it’s a good idea to double up even on the heavy duty sheets.

Spray the side of the foil on which you’re going to place the food with cooking spray before you add your ingredients and seal it up.

When placing your ingredients on the sheet of foil, always put the meat on the bottom as it takes the longest to cook.

Cook your foil packet on the fire’s coals, not in the fire itself. Ideally, you want to place the packet on a bed of coals about 2 inches thick.

Hard, raw vegetables like carrots and potatoes take a long time to cook. If you don’t want to wait, use the canned variety.

When cooking meat, throw in some high-moisture veggies like tomatoes and onions. This will keep the meat from drying out.

Cooking times will depend on how hot the fire is and the kind of food in the packet. I generally err on the side of cooking it too long-this is the kind of food that you don’t need to be overly delicate with. Flip the packets over a few times during cooking, and open and check on how the food is progressing from time to time.

When it’s finished cooking, open your foil packet carefully, as it’s full of hot steam!

Making Your Foil Packs

Making a good foil pack is essential to foil dinner cooking success. There are a couple of different kinds of foil packs you can make depending on what you’re cooking.

The Flat Pack

The flat pack is best for foods like meat where you’re looking for more browning than steaming.

1. Place the food in the middle of the sheet of foil. If you needed to mix the ingredients up, do so in a separate bowl before transferring it to the foil.

2. Tear off a sheet of heavy-duty foil that is about twice as long as the food you’ll be wrapping. It’s better to overestimate the length than place your food on it, start wrapping it up, and realize you don’t have enough foil to keep everything in and make your folds.

3. Bring the long sides together in the center and crease them together, making tight folds until the foil is flat next to the food.

4. Tightly roll up the shorter sides until they meet the food.
The Tent Pack

The tent pack provides a pocket of air that allows for greater steaming. Thus, it’s best for foods you want steamed more than browned like fruits, vegetables, and meat/vegetable combos.

1. Tear off a sheet of foil just as you would for the flat pack.

2. Place the food in the middle of the foil.

3. Bring the long sides together in the center and tightly fold them together towards the food. This time, stop folding a few inches before you get to the food, leaving a pocket of space and creating a “tent.”

4. Tightly roll up the shorter sides, again leaving an inch or so of space between the end of the fold and the food.

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