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 Dealer Parts FAQ

Q – Why should you use rapid dissolving toilet tissue?
A – You should be using rapid dissolving toilet tissue in your RV for a couple of reasons.  First off, normal everyday toilet tissue is not going to break down and secondly, it will then clog your pipe lines and cause issues when it comes to draining the tank.


Q – What is the purpose of a holding tank treatment?
A – The purpose of using holding tank treatment is to help break down the toilet tissue and waste.  As well, most treatments are going to keep the smell of the waste to a minimum.


Q – Why should I have a water pressure regulator on my water line?
A – It is definitely a good idea to have a water pressure regulator on your water lines because most RV water lines are made up of plastic pipe and fittings.  If you have the regulator there to keep the pressure at the same PSI (pounds per square inch) it will not send too much pressure through the lines which could potentially cause them to burst.  As well, it will keep the pressure consistent.


Q – What size of generator do I need to run my air conditioner?
A – A 3000 watt generator will be plenty to run your A/C, keeping in mind that you don’t need to be running all other appliances/lights/etc at the same time.


Q – Why are Ventmate vent covers a good idea?
A – The reason that Ventmates are a good idea is because you can then leave your vent lids open while travelling, have air flow into the trailer and not lose your vent lids in the process.  Plus, the air circulation will prevent the stale air inside the trailer when you first open the door at your campsite.


Q – What is the difference between a regular car battery and an RV battery?
A – Both style of batteries have the same ‘chemistry’ components but are different because a regular car battery is designed to provide a large amount of current in a short time, whereas an RV battery is designed to provide a steady amount of current for a long period of time.


Q – Do I have to put covers on my A/C unit, tires and RV in the winter?
A – No, you don’t have to cover any of them if you choose not to, it is a personal preference.  The main reason for covering up these items are to protect them from the harsh elements of winter which can, over time, take a toll on your RV.  If you do choose to cover them, make sure you get the proper covers that will still allow the items to breath, as you don’t want to accumulate any moisture.

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