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Why Dealer Finance


  • Loan repayment options can be customized to fit the individual needs and budgets of our customers.
  • Flexible payment frequencies: monthly, semi-monthly, bi-weekly or even weekly.
  • Lower payments are available by extending the amortization of the loan (up to 20 years on new RV’s)
  • Loans can be set at fixed rates or variable rates.


  • Our Finance Manager checks rates daily, so we can always offer the lowest rate.
  • We check rates at numerous Financial Institutions daily so we are able to offer the best rate available.
  • Comparative shopping of rates can be done at one location without visiting numerous banks.
  • Application assessments are done by a team dedicated to dealer finance so they are familiar with the RV Industry and its workings.
  • $0 down financing for qualified buyers.


  • One-stop shopping – purchase of RV and financing can all be done in one visit.
  • We work on your schedule – No waiting for appointments with busy bank personnel or taking time off work to make an appointment at the bank.
  • There are no Pre-payment penalties – pay early and save interest.
  • Using Dealer Finance frees up your own money for unexpected expenses.
  • Pre-approvals are available so you know what you can afford before you buy.

Protect your Investment

  • Protection options available to protect your new investment (Extended Service Plans) yourself and your family (Life, Accident & Health Insurance), the interior (Fabric Protection) and the exterior (Paint Shield).

SAL Protection Plan

  • Extended Service Contracts offer ‘Peace of Mind’ protection when you need it most.
  • Protects your investment after the manufacturer warranty stops.
  • Protection from Unexpected Repair Bills.
  • Coverage throughout North America.
  • Reduced deductibles at all RV Care Dealers

SAL Loan Repayment Insurance

  • Protects your family in the event of death, illness or injury.
  • Ensures your payments are made in the event you take sick or are injured and unable to work.

Diamond Kote Fabric Protection

  • Invisible protection that penetrated deep into every fibre.
  • Inhibits penetration of spills (coffee, tea, soda, urine) without affecting the natural texture.

Diamond Kote Paint Shield

  • Bonds to exterior of your RV  to protect against loss of gloss, road salt, tree sap, bird droppings.
  • Prevent damage from environmental pollutants like acid rain.


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